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Your website lets people know who you are and the business you do. These days people expect their agent to provide immediate access to information on any screen size and demand tools that are as easy to use as their iPhone. Fourwalls shows your visitors you’re the right agent and will have clients referring you for years to come.

How does it work?
Step 1

Make a lasting impression

Your website’s job is to get people to choose you. But they’ll decide if they trust you in the first 50ms. It’s not fair but it’s a fact. You need more than just a pretty website design. Fourwalls websites look professional and are guaranteed to build trust using conversion best practices.

Build trust with a perfect introduction

People lose trust with pushy sites without contact information. With Fourwalls lead capture is natural and your contact information is visible and clickable to build trust on any screen size.

Build trust with your character

People do business with people they know and trust. With Fourwalls your character is highlighted to build rapport and boost credibility.

Build trust with your experience

Experience shows you’re knowledgeable and builds trust. With Fourwalls your active and sold listings are automatically loaded to show others trust your skill and expertise.

a real estate websites that builds trust
Step 2

Create trusted relationships

Building rapport is hard. Even harder when other agents are competing for the business. Websites that only show listings miss the opportunity to build credibility and trust by sharing knowledge. Fourwalls websites provide neighbourhood trends and insights to help educate visitors and create trusted relationships.

Show your neighbourhood expertise

The real estate market can overwhelm people. With Fourwalls you’ll make them smarter with neighbourhood trends and simultaneously build trust so they’re more likely to contact you.

Nurture your relationships

Predicting when someone’s ready to buy or sell is impossible. But you can make sure you’re top of mind when they do. With Fourwalls your clients are emailed branded new and sold neighbourhood listings to build lasting relationships.

a real estate website that shows neighbourhood trends
Step 3

Show how you help

People are quick to judge, so your website needs to be more than an online business card. It needs to help them. If it looks terrible on their phone, it’s hard to use, or they don’t find what they want, they’re gone. A cheap website will leave them frustrated and searching elsewhere. Fourwalls websites are an extension of your service and provide the information people crave and tools they’ll want to use.

Help them find a home

People want to see pictures and price on any device. With Fourwalls they’ll have a user-friendly searching experience so you’re remembered for reducing stress instead of adding to it.

Help them stay informed

Sold prices, average prices, neighbourhood trends. It’s what people want to know. With Fourwalls you’ll help them find exactly what they want when they want so you’re the only agent they ask for help.

a real estate website that shows search
Step 4

Stay ahead of your competition

Getting found online feels like it’s impossible. Content is king so they tell you to blog. Meanwhile you’re stuck manually adding your best content – listings. What’s worse, thousands of other websites already have them. Fourwalls websites follow Google’s best practices, automate listings and let you make them unique to increase your search engine visibility.

Promote your listings first

The faster your listings are added to your website the better it is for your clients and Google ranking. With Fourwalls your active and sold listings are added within minutes of submitting to your MLS so you can start your online marketing immediately.

Rank higher than your competitors

Your competitors are advertising your listing on their websites. It might not be fair but it’s allowed. How do you stand out from the crowd? With Fourwalls you can add more content to your listings to help rank higher on Google.

Be found on any device

Most searches start on phones. And if your site isn’t mobile-friendly Google won’t show it. With Fourwalls every page and tool is tested on every screen size to boost your rankings.

a real estate website that is search engine optimized

Loved by professionals

These agents are already using Fourwalls to show they provide exceptional service online and offline.

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Fourwalls provides amazing customer service and products. They truly understand the real estate industry and what agents need to have a successful online presence.

Hannah Kim
A picture of a happy real estate website customer

We love our website! It provides a user-friendly way to communicate important real estate information with potential buyers and sellers anytime and from anywhere.

Wright Sisters
A picture of a happy real estate website customer

They are the best team in the business and their service is unparalleled in the industry.

Kate Carcone
Canadian real estate websites

Proudly made in Canada

Real estate is a local business. And agents need a website provider that understands their local market because real estate boards change rules, markets change focus, and governments affect markets.

We are singularly focused on the Canadian real estate market. We only hire full-time Canadian employees and train them on the real estate boards’ rules and regulations that affect you.

Providing real estate agents with a professional real estate website that exceeds their expectations is what we do.





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