3 Reasons Why Secure Real Estate Websites Convert More Leads

When it comes to online security, even the smallest mistake can be extremely costly to your real estate business. Keeping your website’s visitors’ information safe from prying eyes, or anyone with malicious intent, requires a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL encrypts the connection between your website and the visitor’s browser to ensure that any personal information collected is always kept safe.

If you see this icon  in the address bar of a browser it means that you are visiting a secure website, and you can trust that any confidential information shared is protected. Your visitors will see the same icon on your real estate website as they do when they are banking or shopping online.

Here are the top three reasons why you will benefit from having a secure real estate website:

#1 Search Engine Optimization

Google loves secure sites (see here), meaning if your website is not secure, you may not rank as high.

#2 Increased Trust

The more a visitor trusts your website, the more likely they are to fill out any forms requesting their personal information. Having a secure real estate website shows you care about their security.

#3 Better User Experience

Detecting a user’s location is only possible with a secure website. This means a visitor won’t have to manually enter their location when searching for listings, providing a better overall experience.

As a real estate agent, you care about your clients. At Four Walls Digital, so do we. That's why we take care of this service for you; which saves you $70/year, saves the hassle of renewing your SSL certificate annually, and ensures your potential clients feel safe when they provide personal information on your website. It's just one less thing for you to think about.

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