Coronavirus COVID-19 Impact on the Toronto Real Estate Market


It’s been roughly a month since the Coronavirus flipped our lives upside down.

The media has, somewhat sensationally, publicized the real estate market’s dip, leaving many sellers stressed and stretched and wishing for this pandemic to end.

We’ve been analyzing the data to find the positives, and there is some good news to share.

As of last week, in most municipalities, listings are still selling at or above 2019 prices as compared to the same time last year.

We’re sharing both year on year (YoY) percentage change across listing volumes and selling prices, so you have what you need to educate and uplift your leads and clients.

Sadly, over the next few months, things may continue to get worse, but we’ll keep analyzing the data so you can try to make things a little better for your leads and clients.

Stay safe, and we hope this makes things a little better for you.

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