Listing Prices vs COVID-19

Last week we looked at year-on-year (YoY) percent changes in sold listing volumes and the corresponding sold prices.

This week, while looking at COVID-19’s impact on listing prices, we found something exciting!

First, residential and condo listings in every municipality (except Dufferin) were up to 30% higher than 2019 prices as compared to the same time last year.

What’s fascinating is that even though every municipality experienced a 10-20% dip in list price between the 4th week of March and the 2nd week of April – residential list prices have already rebounded.

Below you’ll find the YoY percent change across listing prices you can share with your clients and leads.

The future is still a big unknown, and things will continue to change, but we will keep analyzing the data so you can try to make things a little better for your leads and clients.

Stay safe, and we hope this makes things a little better for you.

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